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Usui Reiki

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Reiki is made up of two words from the Japanese language: “Rei” means Spirit and “ki” means Life Force or Energy.

Reiki can be hands on healing or can be distance healing. The Reiki practitioner has been attuned to be a conduit through which universal life force energy flows through their crown chakra and out of their hands into the client for healing. Reiki can be used for emotional or physical issues that arise from blockages in the spiritual and emotional body or physical body that interrupt the flow of energy and create dis – ease.

Reiki is often done by placing hands on the client. However, we use distance Reiki in combination with Tong Ren Healing during our sessions.

Like Tong Ren, the Reiki practitioner gently guides energy through the body removing blockages to create peace and wellness. Reiki aids in the body’s natural healing processes, relaxation and wellbeing. The client may feel nothing or tingling, warmth, cool sensation and with their eyes closed may see colors as the energy moves through the body.

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